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Quotes For Him From The Heart


When you love him
- truly love him,
how are you supposed
to get over him?
I've tried everything possible ...
but I just can't.
Isn't that what true love is?

Oh, I have loved him
too much to feel
no hate for him

Love can be trying and hard to accomplish
but when you have love
always hold it close to your heart
because you never know
when you have to let it go.

Love is running into his arms colliding
with his heart and exploding into his soul.

He may not be the most attractive,
he may not say all the right words,
but when you see him,
you know he's the one that can make you smile,
laugh, and cry all at the same time.

My heart is
ever at your service.

Yes I love him.
I love him more
than anything else in this world
and there is nothing
that I would like better
than to hold on to him forever.
But I know it's not for the best.
So no matter how much
my heart is going to break,
I've got to let him go
so he can know
just how much I love him.
Maybe if I'm lucky,
he'll come back,
but if not,
I can make it through this.
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My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We'll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.

Heres where she meets prince charming
but wont discover that it's him till chapter three

Real tears are not those that fall
from the eyes and cover the face,
but those that fall
from the heart and cover the soul.

He loves me,
he loves me not...
Either way,
my heart's been caught..

You know you really love some one when
you cannot hate them for breaking your heart

If I am pressed to say
why I loved him,
I feel it can only be
explained by replying:
"Because it was he;
because it was me."

He's everything to me.
He's perfect for me.
But the best part of all...
is that he loves me!
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Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart
because you might wake up one day
and realize that you've lost a diamond
while you were too busy collecting stones.
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Love is when you can't stop looking at him,
even if he'll never look back

I love you.
You don't have
to love me back,
but I'm gonna give you
my heart anyway.


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