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I'm not crying over what you said;
it's what you didn't say that hurts the most.

It sucks to be alone,
even when there are people all around you.

You made me cry...
You tore me apart..
You left me in tears..
You've shattered my heart..
It wasn't your fault..
I guess it was me..
For love can't be forced..
Perhaps we weren't meant to be..
It still doesn't help..
Now that i know..
Because for some reason..
My heart won't let go..
I've tried more than once..
to get over you..
But you make it so hard..
With cute things you do..
I thought love was joy..
But i've got nothing to gain..
Just sorrows.. tears..
And a little more pain..
The day the pain started..
Reality came too..
It was the day i realized ..

We are a love story...
gone wrong.

I have found the paradox
that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt,
but only more love.
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I understand that with loves comes pain,
but why did i have to love so much?

Just because I always
have a smile on my face
doesn’t mean I don’t hurt
and that when I’m alone I don’t cry.

I flipped the cards over and saw hearts.
I shuffled them and said,
“I dont deal with love.”

Just live and breathe
And try not to die again.

Not all scars show.
Not all wounds heal.
Sometimes, you can’t always
see the pain someone feels.

How can we believe
on the word BELIEVE,
when there is LIE in the center..

If you can't save the relationship,
at least save your pride.

In this place we lie cutting slightly in vain,
hoping and praying you’ll remember my name.

It's funny how someone
can break your heart
and you can still love them
with all the little pieces.

Sex? No thanks.
My life fucks me everyday.

Just because i smile on the outside
doesnt mean that i am on the inside.

Not all scars show,
not all wounds heal
Sometimes you can't always see
The pain someone feels

Love is nothing more
then a word that you used
when you stole my heart.

I wish my grass was emo,
then it would cut itself!


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