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Distance Relationship Quotes


All quality items must be tested
to ensure promised
high standards for the customers.
With love, distance is the greatest test.
A love that survives
this great test is a love that is
'Quality Inspected and Guaranteed for Life.'

Everytime the wind blows,
I whisper, 'I LOVE YOU!

When you're near it seems
that I took you for granted,
but now that distance is between us,
it made me realized that
your love has been a part of my life.
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There is no long distance about love,
it always finds a way to bring hearts together
no matter how many miles there are between them.

Far in distance, but near at heart,
you'll always be the angel of my heart.

When I miss you,
sometimes I listen to music
or look at pictures of you,
not to remind me of you
but to make me
feel as if I'm with you.
It makes me forget
the distance and capture you.

No matter the distance
between our hearts,
I will pay for the long distance calls
to hear your heart.

Distance doesn't matter
if you really love the person,
what matters most is your honesty
and trust for that relationship to work out.

Distance between two people is
only as far as one allows it to be..

As part of you has grown in me,
together forever shall we be,
never apart maybe in distance but not in heart

Because the distance
between us is so great,
my arms cannot reach you,
but because my love for you is just as great,
my heart does

Distance cannot separate our two joined hearts;
I believe in us.

We'll be miles apart. I'll keep you deep inside.
You're always in my heart.
A new life to start. I may be leaving,
but you're always in my heart.

To truly love something,
you must first give it a chance to fail.
If it survives, it is going to be stronger than ever.
Distance is pure proof of this,
and forever we will love if we survive.

Closeness isn't always measured in distance;
friends can live many miles away,
but the bond of love formed long ago
always keeps them close at heart.

As long as we can see the same sky,
breathe the same air,
step on the same planet,
then You and I are not impossible.

I think about you constantly,
whether it's with
my mind or my heart.

Distance, it is a test of love,
many will fail, but for those
who can withstand it
have the answer: true love.
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Long distance relationships
are like wind to a fire;
it puts out the small ones,
but inflames the big ones


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