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Break Up Quotes


The hardest part of loving someone
is knowing when to let go,
and knowing when to say goodbye.

A break up is like a broken mirror.
It is better to leave it broken
than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

I was never one to patiently
pick up broken fragments
and glue them together again
and tell myself that the
mended whole was as good as new.
What is broken is broken
and I'd rather remember it as
it was at its best than mend it
and see the broken places
as long as I lived.
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Breaking up is just like having
the worst nightmare after
having the best dream.

Love hurts,
but friendship
hurts more when lost through love....
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I may regret the way we ended,
but I will never regret what we had.

No love,
no promises,
no expectations ...
and there's no pain.

Sad endings begin every new romance.
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Maybe God wants us to meet
a few wrong people
before finding the right one,
so that when
we finally find the right one,
we will know how to be grateful.

I cannot change the past,
but I can let it go.

I laugh - because your funny
I cry - because we are just friends
I smile - because your adorable
I frown - because your not mine
I dance - thinking about you
I sleep- dreaming about you
Im happy - when Im around you
Im sad - because I cant hold you
Im glad - because you make me smile
Im mad - because youre not mine

Life without love,
is a life without meaning.

It's funny how the guy
who you would take a bullet for
is generally the one behind the trigger.

You were everything
I ever needed you to be...
except mine.

Sometimes I think love
is like the tears we try to hide,
only truly apparent as it slips away.

If I could control my heart,
I would stop it from falling in love with you
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No matter how many times
I try and move on,
my heart always
takes me back here to you.
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If you never get your heart broken,
you'll never learn to love.

I believe the saddest thing in life,
is caring so much for someone
and then one day you look into their eyes
and listen to them talk and realize that they are gone.
All you see in front of you is a stranger
with just a known name.

Love is hard to get,
but harder to let go.

You have to forgive to forget,
and forget,
to feel again.

Isn't it funny how
they always want to be friends
right after they break your heart?

When you break up,
your whole identity is shattered.
It's like death.


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